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As we said, you do not need programming skills to get a Linux Operating System. We are here to help.

If you want to order a custom Linux Distro from us all you have to do is to fill in the form bellow with the details of your prefferences. We will contact you shortly afterwards and review your order. After every aspect is agreed upon, we will install and deliver the system.

Why not just tick a box for an already configured system with already known specs at an already known price?

We believe every person is different, so we are ready to tailor each system for different needs and preferences. As you can see, as oppose to the single and/or standard choice like other mainstream alternatives, there are a handful of choices in regards with the Linux distributions. Add to that a lot of possible customizations available for each Linux Distro and you can understand why we chose this route.
Then it is something to be said about the hardware as well.
We can instal everything needed on a new machine at your choice or we can even do it on a refurbished machine so the price is considerably reduced. This way you can test the system at the minimal cost. This is a good choice because older machines which struggle with worst ever are perfectly fine for Linux, they even perform better and faster than a new worst ever machine most of the time. We have preinstalled laptop and desktop PCs for sale.Or we can simply install one as per request just for you .

All you have to do is contact us by filling in the form bellow and we will reply with the best available solution.

Our recommandation is to try a distro well suited for a beginner first (such as Ubuntu).
But if you already are a confident and experienced Linux user, you can opt for another choice.

After we receive your message, we will reply shortly with the choices we can offer you, tailored on your preferences.